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Danny’s Gates to Heaven

Danny's Gates to HeavenIt is not a usual day when a 5th. grader comes into the studio and all alone creates the Gates to Heaven. As a guide in the process of creativity in this case I didn’t have to motivate, but rather admire.

 I wonder about Danny’s thought process, the stories simmering in his mind. I can only ask questions and be surprised at the answers.  Each arc in the sculpture has  a cryptic symbol of some invented civilization. Danny is working on a set of artifacts of a civilization that appears to be materializing in his mind. He wants to create a museum with the artifacts. I have seen the symbols before: they were written in a tablet he created for the “museum”. I still don’t know the meaning. I hope this “artistic archeologist” will unveil it soon.

These gates are small if we think of the representations of  heaven  in movies or the descriptions from the pulpit. These gates are enormous when we realize they are only a free sample of the vast imagination this child has.doors-of-heaven1

 I also wonder during this time of standardized testing and eternal preparation for evaluation, when does Danny has a chance to show his teachers, his school and the Miami Dade Public Schools System what he can really do. Why aren’t we giving him all the opportunities to develop his creativity?

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