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100% Success! All my Portfolio Preparation Students get into the schools of their choice!

It is over. The portfolios were presented, the auditions were executed and the letters are in. All the students I coached this year got into the schools of their choice: New World, DASH. Coral Reef.


I am glad to have a 100% success with the students I coach for middle and high school art magnet programs. We work hard together, student, teacher and family team.

Now for the next crop of artists!

Posted 12 years ago.

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Portfolio Preparation Coaching Pays Off

Congratulations to Tiziana Felice for having been accepted to

New World School of the Arts.

Tiziana came to me last June to start working on her portfolio. Having recently moved from Venezuela, and having none of her previous works with her, she had a long and hard process to go through. All her work payed off. New World is nationally recognized as one of the best Art schools. A great future awaits her.

Posted 12 years ago.

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Thinking of a Magnet School? It’s never to early to start preparing your portfolio

If you love art, or think you love art, Miami offers wonderful public schools, from elementary to high schools. At these schools you can indulge in your passion and learn along with other students who love art as much as you do. If you want to go to one of these schools you need to prepare a portfolio showcasing your talent. Different schools have slightly different requisites and conditions, but they are pretty similar. Check out the links to the Miami Dade Magnet Art Schools that are included on the right hand side of the screen.

It’s never to early

Most of my students come to me in a hurry in October or November, desperate for some coaching to help them prepare their portfolios. Only some come early. If you are thinking you might like to apply for an Arts Magnet School you might as well start working on your art over the summer. So if you are an incoming 2nd, 5th. or 8th. grader, the best time to start preparing your portfolio is June or July before you go back to school. You have more time -no homework or extracurricular activities-, it is extremely hot to be outside most of the time anyways, and it is probably raining like crazy every afternoon -yeah! that’s Miami!-.

Focus on Creativity, Showing Your Passion and Technique

Every Magnet Art school has a small list of guidelines for the portfolio. Your best work has to be included, and the best work seldom happens over night. During the coaching I’ll help you find your own image and style. We will focus on what interests you. You are your art and your art is you, so this has to show. Significant themes and a creative way of developing them is key. Enrich your work showing you can use different techniques, and you are not afraid to move away from your comfort zone. It will take a life time to master the different techniques and media, but you need to show your interest and your willingness to explore and take risks.

When preparing work you have to do more than the 5 or 10 pieces of work you are asked to include on your portfolio. A good artist does many works, but chooses only some to show. Many artists get so upset over work they do that they break it of trash it or turn it into something else. This will happen to you too, so for you to be happy with what you show, you need to have time to develop your very best. The muses will come, just give them time!

Presentation of your work is also important. A well presented drawing or painting, a great picture of a sculptural object will highlight your work and say tons about your commitment. I don’t care if some say you should just take the work as is, I believe you need to work on the presentation. This is also a learning process for you that will help you the rest of your art life.

What can Laura Tobi do for your Portfolio Preparation

All the work has to be done by you. After an initial interview where we meet and I see all that you have done already I develop a personalized plan for you, based on your interests, previous knowledge and your skills.

The program is based on projects you will develop. I will make sure you include different techniques and help you visualize the best way to complete each project. I’ll also give you ideas to enrich each work or to spark new ideas in you. As an educator my student is my focus, and I am only the guide.

Last but not least, you will practice the necessary skills to ace the audition. You will be asked to show your skills at the audition and will also go through an interview. Your portfolio is important, but so are you. During the audition you must show the interviewers your talent and your passion.

To set up an appointment contact me at

Don’t procrastinate!

Posted 12 years, 8 months ago.

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